Meet The Team

Meli is an Australian artist, writer, mum and psychology student living in beautiful Tasmania. Working as a freelance illustrator for over a decade, she has completed hundreds of private commissions as well as commercial works such as book covers, art for games, and graphic design. She is currently working on her first novel, The Soundless Sea, and in her spare time enjoys photography, reading, and spending time with family.

Margot is a self-published author and freelance editor hailing from the Pacific Northwest. When not writing, Margot works as a research biologist and is currently pursuing a Ph.D in the field of genetics. In their spare time, Margot enjoys hiking, reading, and doing watercolor. 

When they’re not working or being bossed around by their rescue pup, Em loves to embroider, go on nature walks, and photograph the local flora & fauna. They also enjoy collecting strange (and possibly cursed) knick-knacks from estate sales and running a shop on Etsy where they sells the pieces they don’t end up keeping.
Photo © Em

Julie, or Juju, was raised on bootleg VHS of 80s BBC comedies – the likes of Fawlty Towers and Blackadder – and has kept the love for offbeat, satirical comedy close to her cold heart. By day she keeps her betta fish alive in sunny Portland, OR, but by the shadows you’ll find her somewhere in the ether of Tumblr and Twitter, writing stories and sharing her favorite works.

Elle is currently deep in the trenches of a Ph.D in the social sciences. She’s known for puns, an impressive power-to-size ratio, and an ardent need to be loved by every cat she meets.