Dark Greetings!

What We Create In The Shadows (WWCITS) is a charity fanzine about the hit TV show What We Do in the Shadows that features exclusive art and writing from fans all over the world, as well as interviews from cast & crew! The zine was released in early April, 2021, and is available in print and e-format. All proceeds will be donated to Refugees International, an organization that advocates for the rights and protections of displaced people while providing lifesaving assistance.

We would like to thank contributing artists and writers, as well as our cast/crew interview participants Jonny Brugh, Tamara Harrod, Anna Pantcheva and Paul Jones, for volunteering your time. We’d also like to thank the rest of the WWDITS cast and crew, particularly Harvey Guillén and Paul Simms for helping spread the word, but also for inspiring such a talented, creative, kind fandom.

And, of course, we’d like to thank the readers. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and support, and for donating and spreading awareness about Refugees International and their important work.

~The WWCITS Team

Some very talented fans did this great fanzine for charity and it’s a big hit with at least two members of its target audience” – Paul Simms via Twitter

Special thanks to Riskylatte, Madi, Veronica, Spiff & Lana for allowing us use of their fanart on our social media pages!