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3 May 2021

Thank you SO much to everybody who has ordered a copy so far! We will be going through figures shortly and posting a breakdown of orders/donations, so keep your eyes out!

Image below drawn by Ghoulaiid and coloured by Meli and features as the zine’s back cover!

Zine Cover & Pre-Orders open for another week!

13 March 2021

Just a reminder that pre-orders will be open for another week! If you miss out on pre-ordering, sales will be available for a limited time after the pre-order period ends.

01 March 2021

Pre-Orders are Open!

We are beyond excited to announce that the zine is available for Pre-order in digital and physical format! This is not just a one announcement post, though – we had the absolute thrill to chat with cast and crew from What We Do in the Shadows and are including these interviews in the zine! So much thanks goes out to Textile Artist Anna Pantcheva, Hair Designer Tamara Harrod, SFX Artist and ocassional “guest star” Paul Jones, and none other than “Deacon the Vampire” himself, Johnny Brughs for agreeing to chat about the goings on behind-the-scenes.

The zine is full of amazing art and writing from the community as well.

Head over to https://gumroad.com/wwcitszine to pre-order yours and see all the amazing treats inside.

09 January 2021

Artists works are submitted!

The final pieces for the zine are complete, and we on the Mod Squad will be working over the next month on layouts, editing, formatting, et al! We are beyond thankful for each and every contributor to this Charity project and can’t wait to share the finished product. Pre-Orders open on February 14th!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is yijudjkltumblr.png

Sneak peak of 3 works in the zine. Artists are @lanalouiseart, @ferazhin, and @_tonestar_ on Twitter

13 September 2020

While our artists and writers are busy preparing their pieces for the zine, check out these cameos from two of our fave boys!

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