What We Create in the Shadows

A charity fanzine based on FX's "What We Do in the Shadows"

Vol. 4 Applications Closed

Expect acceptance emails end of January


What We Create In The Shadows (WWCITS) is a charity zine about FX's What We Do in the Shadows. WWCITS showcases exclusive art and writing created by amazing fans all around the world, plus interviews from cast and crew members.We’re deeply thankful for all who have volunteered their time and talent: our contributing artists and writers, the wonderful cast and crew members we've had the honor of interviewing, and the amazing folks who have helped us set up these interviews. We're grateful to the entire WWDITS fandom, which is remarkably kind, creative, and talented, and we thank the whole WWDITS cast and crew for inspiring and supporting this incredible fanbase.What We Create in the Shadows will be back with a 4th volume in 2024! Follow us on social media to hear the latest updates.



What is a zine?
A zine (or fanzine) is a small publication of photos and stories created by and for a community of people interested in a particular subject. In this case, our shared interest is What We Do In The Shadows! This zine will include original, exclusive fan art and fan fiction, all centered around our favorite supernatural weirdos!
Is this zine SFW?
Yes, this zine will be safe for work (SFW). This means no explicit sexual content or nudity. Keep in mind that we use the show as a guideline for what’s allowed-- meaning strong language, mature jokes/innuendo, and violence may all be present.
Will the zine be available in PDF or print form?
Both! Right now, we anticipate having a downloadable PDF available for purchase as well as a physical copy of the zine that you can order and have shipped to you! Please keep in mind that shipping outside of the United States is typically more expensive than domestic shipping.

For Applicants

Is this zine specific to the WWDITS TV show, or can I submit fan content for the movie?
As much as we love our boys from the movie, this zine is primarily dedicated to the WWDITS TV show. That being said, it is the same universe and there is some character overlap. So if, for example, Vladislav were to show up in a story about Guillermo being a badass slayer, it technically fits! If you aren’t sure whether or not your movie character cameo fits within the limits of the zine, reach out to the mods and we can figure it out together.
Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in the zine?
Yes. All participants must be 18 or over at the time of applying. This is to ensure that we don’t have to navigate parental permission forms or laws regarding volunteering/publishing as a minor.
Is shipping content allowed?
Yes! We welcome any and all ships in the zine, so long as the content itself is SFW. Topher/Guillermo? Nadja/Lilith? Sounds good to us! Kissing, hugging, cuddling and general romance are all permitted, though please keep your content SFW. If you aren’t sure whether your submission is SFW, please contact the mods and we will help you figure it out together!
What if I sign up but I can’t finish on time?
In our application, we will be asking for people to designate whether they are interested in becoming a pinch-hitter. In the event that a participant is unable to complete their project on time, the pinch-hitter would “fly in with the assist,” so to speak, and submit their own creation, ensuring that the zine can continue as planned.
How do you determine who’s accepted to the zine?
We strive to remain impartial and fair in our selection process. Each member of the mod team will be anonymously scoring each application on a 1-5 scale, and the average of these scores will be used to determine the top contenders. We are evaluating overall quality level, but we are also taking into consideration your unique style and creative choices.
Can I submit a piece of art or writing I’ve already created to the zine?
As long as you have not shared that content anywhere else, yes. All content in the zine is meant to be exclusive, and therefore any art or writing that you have already posted or shared online is not eligible for the zine.
Can I post my submission on my tumblr/instagram/twitter account?
All zine content is meant to be exclusive to the zine, so we ask that creators hold off on posting their creations until one month after the zine has been published. Once both the PDF and physical copies of the zine have gone live and the one month wait period has passed, it is up to the artist to post their content online at their discretion.
Can I share previews of my WIP online?
Yes. However, please limit yourself to one WIP preview before the publication of the zine. For artists, we ask that no more than 25% of the drawing be included in the preview, and for writers, no more than 25% of your total word count.
What are the check-ins?
The check-ins are an opportunity for us to touch base with each participant to see how the creation process is going. This is to give us an idea if anyone is struggling and might be in need of some extra support. For each check-in, we will be sending out an email to content creators with a link to a short survey to fill out. If any of your survey answers require a follow-up conversation from our mods, we will contact you via email shortly thereafter.
Will participants be compensated?
Participation is on a volunteer basis, and there will be no compensation for any artists or writers involved. This zine is for charity, so all proceeds will be directed to Refugees International. However, as a thank you for your participation, all participants will receive a free PDF copy of the WWCITS Fanzine!
What if I have other questions that aren’t on this FAQ?
If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered here, please reach out to us via email at wwcitsvol2@gmail.com or contact us through one of our social media accounts! Please keep in mind that on certain social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, your message may be sent to ‘Message Requests’ and we may not be notified (which means a potential delay in responding). Because of this, if your inquiry is urgent, please email us.

Vol. 4 Schedule

Applications Open1 Dec 2023 - 1 Jan 2024
Acceptance Emails Sent OutJan 2024
1st Check-InTBD
2nd Check-InTBD
Final Work DeadlineTBD
Zine PublishedTBD
Sales CloseTBD

Full schedule coming soon!

Mod intros coming soon!

From our first edition in 2021 and our second in 2022, we have raised just over $4,700 USD for Refugees International, an organization that provides lifesaving assistance and promotes human rights and protections for displaced people.Volume 3 raised $1,346 for PFLAG, the first and largest organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and their families.